Marcela Fernandez-Peters discusses the hearing spectrum of birds and humans

great horned owl

Marcela Fernandez-Peters, a post doctoral research associate in the Healey Lab, is quoted in a radio report exploring whether birds have a greater hearing spectrum than humans. She says that the hearing organs and brains of owls have “a lot of real estate dedicated” to hearing high frequencies, meaning that while they might not hear super high pitched sounds, they’re very good at hearing the frequencies they do hear. New Hampshire Public Radio

Ervin Staub explains how to be an active bystander

person helping someone up

Ervin Staub, professor of psychology emeritus, is quoted in an article about how to be an active bystander when encountering someone in trouble. Staub says people feel less responsible to intervene when others are around because they assume someone else will handle it. But, if the victim is alone, people might assume they don’t actually need help. Popular Science

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