Fall 2019 Newsletter | Awards and Updates

Master's Thesis Defense

Alyssa Carlotto, Sex, Motivation, and Reversal Learning in the Common Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)
Jeffery Durbin, Sequential Encoding in Visual Working Memory:  In the Absence of Structure, Recency Determines Performance
Brianna Healey, One Year Change in Cognitive Function in Male and Female Common Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)
Peter McGinn, Does Lactobacillus reuteri Probiotic Treatment Improve Sleep Quality in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) Displaying the Self-injurious Phenotype?
Ryan Papargiris, Changes in Color Guidance over the Course of a Complex Visual Search
Patrick Sadil, Visual Recollection for Non-Declarative Representations
Sam Scott, Sex differences in oligodendrocyte development: potential implications for the effect of alcohol drinking on myelin
Deborah Wu, Perceptions of Athletes:  Exploring Race-Based Dehumanization and Superhumanization

Doctoral Dissertation Defense

Andrea Cataldo, A Flexible Comparison Process as a Critical Mechanism for Context Effects
John Hernandez, The role of the orbitofrontal cortex in alcohol preference, seeking and consumption
William Hopper, Testing the convergent retrieval learning theory of testing effects
Nicholas Morrison, Consensual Qualitative Research: Replicability of Results and Social Reliability of Process
Gennarina Santorelli, Trajectories of Emotional Response to Negative Mood lnduction in Mild Cognitive lmpairment and Cognitively-lntact Older Adults

Awards and Honors

Sarah Winokur, a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Neuroscience and Behavior Program has been awarded the fourth annual Keith Rayner Memorial Graduate Student Research Award. 

Caren Rotello has been elected to the Psychonomic Society’s Governing Board. She will serve a six-year term starting January 1, 2020.

Linda Tropp has received the International Society of Political Psychology 2019 Nevitt Sanford Award for professional contributions to political psychology.

Ervin Staub, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, is the recipient of the 2019 Kurt Lewin award of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. ​Staub was also the recipient of the 2018 Otto Klineberg Intercultural and International Relations Award from the Society. Read full article

Junha Chang, doctoral student in cognition and cognitive neuroscience, has received a 2019 Psychonomic Society Graduate Travel Award.

Shereen El Mallah '18PhD was awarded an early career investigator grant from The Society for Research in Child Development.

Sarah McCormick received a predissertation grant from the Graduate School for her project entitled: Home Environment Influences on Social Cognitive Development.

Heather Muir a rising 3rd-year graduate student in Clinical Psychology, received a travel award for her presentation at the 50th meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her paper was titled, "Responsively assimilating motivational interviewing into CBT for GAD: Interpersonal outcomes and mechanisms." Alice Coyne a rising 6th-year graduate student, also received a travel award for her presentation entitled, "Accuracy of therapist self-perceived effectiveness as a determinant of between-therapist effects."

Jasmine Dixon presented a poster at the annual American Psychological Association (APA) Convention in August. Jasmine's attendance at the conference was supported by a Society for Clinical Neuropsychology – Ethnic Minority Affairs Subcommittee Trainee Travel Award for APA, as well as a 2019 Student Travel Award from APA.

Adrelys Mateo Santana awarded Gilman scholarship to study abroad in Spain. Read her student profile

Alumni Updates

Maggie Ugolini '19PhD has received a postdoc position with Ball Aerospace at the Air Force Research Lab in Dayton, OH, to examine auditory processing under adverse conditions and speech-in-noise comprehension.

Sam Scott '19MS will be entering a PhD program at Vanderbilt.

Learn about how Charisse Pickron '18PhD is engaging with families and the community through her postdoctoral research in child development. Read full article