What are the requirements for a Dual Degree?

There are significant differences between Double Major and Dual Degree. 

Please review the following for requirements relevant to psychology majors.  Always check in with your department advisors for every major you intent to complete for guidance. 

Double Major Requirements
This option requires you to declare one major as your primary and the other as your secondary. 

Psychology as Primary Major

  • Earn 120 credits
  • Complete CNS requirements: BA with foreign language requirement or BS with 60 CNS credit requirement
  • Complete the Integrative Experience Requirement for Psychology: Psych 494PI and a Psych 391* seminar
  • Complete all departmental requirements including Jr. Writing: Psych 392A
  • Earn one diploma that lists psychology only
    • Primary and secondary majors will appear on your transcript

Psychology as Secondary Major

  • Earn 120 credits
  • Complete College Level Requirements for Primary Major
  • Complete the Integrative Experience Requirement for Primary Major
  • Complete all departmental requirements except Jr. Writing
    •  Junior Writing taken in primary major
  • Earn 1 diploma that lists your primary major only, not psychology
    • Primary and secondary majors will appear on your transcript

Dual Degree Requirements for Psychology
The dual degree requirements will not appear in SPIRE until after your grades are finalized in your last semester.  You will need to track these requirements yourself.  Make sure to check in with BOTH departments in advance to ensure you are on track. 

  • Earn 150 credits
  • Complete College Requirements for Both Majors; for Psychology you must complete the CNS requirements: either the BA or BS requirements
  • Complete major requirements for both majors
    • Complete Psychology Jr. Writing: Psych 392A, if primary major only
    • Complete Integrative Experience: Psych 494PI and Psych 391* seminar, if primary major only
  • Complete Dual Degree Request form in your final semester
  • Earn 2 diplomas, one for each of your majors

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