Fall 2021 Newsletter

lacrosse players practice by Tobin Hall

Catch up with the latest PBS news including spotlights on our talented students, faculty, and alumni!

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Features include:

  • Using behavioral activation therapy as a treatment for depression
  • Alumni Profile: Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki ‘08PhD, Senior Research Scientist at TERC
  • Songbird neurons for advanced cognition mirror the physiology of mammalian counterparts
  • PBS mentors promising students during summer programs
  • Spotlight on Alumni:
    • Jane Studeny Oliveira '13, PsyD, Pediatric Neuropsychologist at Boston Neuropsychological Services
    • Patrick McGonigal '16, MA, Doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology and Masters of Legal Studies (MLS) Student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln

Also check out additional Research Highlights, Awards and Updates, and PBS faculty and students In the Media!