Current Studies

The following research studies are actively recruiting participants. Please contact the researcher associated with any of the studies that interest you.

If you are an undergraduate looking to participate in Human Subject Research for classroom credit, please go to the Undergraduate SONA research page.

Study Number: 2018-5276
Contact: Bella Cerulle
Phone Number: (413) 461-0299
Room Number: Tobin 649
Type of Subject: Middle-aged Adult
Additional Subject Information: Please leave a message at (413) 461-0299 or email for more information about the study and to learn more about eligibility.
Time: Two visits: 2hrs + 3 hrs


Adults 45 years and older (<60 years) are needed for a study on how seeing a speaker’s face helps with understanding what the speaker said. Researchers in the Language, Intersensory Perception, and Speech (LIPS) lab at UMass Amherst are seeking volunteers with American English as their first language. The study requires a 2-hour visit and a 3-hour visit to the lab on campus. Participants will be paid $10 per hour for their time. All personnel has volunteered to wear masks and currently only appointments for participants willing to wear doubled surgical masks are open. The first lab visit includes various computerized tasks that assess hearing, vision, and judgments about what a speaker says. The second visit involves recording the participants’ brain waves with an EEG cap on their head while they watch and listen to a speaker.

$10/hr for a 2hr visit and a 3hr visit
Study Number: 2014-2239
Contact: Ramiro Rea
Type of Subject: Adolescent


We are looking for:
• Healthy kids from 11-12 and 15-17 years old.

What we study?
• We study decision making using an online computerized game to understand your decisions.

What you would do?
You will play an online game where you must discover what gear makes a pilot better in a race by making choices using your keyboard. A researcher will set up the game for you and will be watching the session through a videocall.

• Will receive a stipend (between $12 - $15).

• Please contact Ramiro Rea in the Neuro-Learning & Performance Lab at 413-489-1209 or

Study Number: 444
Contact: Bella Cerulle
Phone Number: (413) 461-0299
Room Number: Tobin 649
Type of Subject: Adult
Time: 2.5 - 3.5 hour visit


We need:
- Adults between 18 and 35 years of age who are native speakers of American English
- You must be right-handed and have normal hearing in both ears
- You must have normal vision or wear appropriate glasses/contact lenses
- You cannot have a history of language disorder or neurological and 
psychiatric issues
- You should not have taken psychoactive medication in the two weeks prior 
to the appointment

What will you be asked to do?
You would come to the lab in Tobin Hall for a one-time visit. During your 
visit in the lab, you will be asked to rate whether short English phrases 
were pronounced correctly. While you are listening, your brainwaves (EEG) 
will be recorded by a cap of electrodes that will be placed on your head.

What Covid measures are implemented?
All personnel has volunteered to wear masks and currently only appointments 
for participants willing to wear doubled surgical masks are open.

How would you be compensated?
You would receive $12 per hour, rounded to the nearest half of an hour. The 
session is between 2.5-3.5 hrs, so you can get up to $42.

Please leave a message for Bella Cerulle at (413) 461-0299 or email

$12 per hour for 2.5 - 3.5 hour visit
Study Number: 1001
Phone Number: (413) 545-4831
Type of Subject: Infant/Toddler


The Somneuro Lab is currently recruiting infants (starting at 9 months) to participate in two studies relating to early sleep patterns. In one study, we are interested in how infants' multiple naps (morning and afternoon) support learning longitudinally across ages 9, 12, and 15 months. In another study, we are interested in the effects of infant night light use on 9-15-month-olds' sleep quality at home. Compensation is available for both studies, and the first study can be completed either in the laboratory or remotely. More information on the second study is available in the flyer below.

PDF of flyer

Study Number: 2697
Type of Subject: Adult


Research Participants Needed for an online study!
The Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at the University of Massachusetts is currently looking for licensed drivers ages 18 to 21. Participants are asked to complete a short course about vulnerable road users ( e.g., Pedestrians, bicyclists). The material for the course will be shared weekly for 4 weeks and will require about 20 to 30 minutes of your time each week. 

Participants will be compensated $25/$50 in an amazon giftcard for completing all the material. 

The Lab’s Research Focuses on:
Evaluation & training for at-risk populations (younger and older drivers)
Driver distraction and attention maintenance
Crash awareness and  prevention

Interested in Participating?
Sign up at 
Fill out the sign-up form on the bottom of the webpage
Type “Online driving Study” in “Any Special Request”
Press Submit
email to 
Type “Online driving Study” as email Subject
Include your First name, last name, age, and Phone number

Please call  413-545-3393 if you have any questions.

Study Number: 206
Contact: Bella Cerulle
Phone Number: (413) 461-0229
Room Number: Tobin 649
Type of Subject: Adult
Additional Subject Information: All experimenters have volunteered to wear a mask in the lab.
Time: 30 min


In this study you will be asked to listen to a speaker talk and to indicate what the speaker said or will say by pressing buttons or by typing a response. We may track your eye movements while you listen to speech. We will also ask you a few demographic questions.

You must fulfill these criteria:

  • American English was your first language and the only language you grew up speaking at home
  • 18-30 years old
  • Normal or corrected-to-normal vision
  • Normal hearing
  •  No psychoactive medication use
  •  No diagnosed language or attention problems
  • No neurological issues.


Study Number: 2018-5118
Contact: Bruna Martins
Phone Number: 413-545-1023
Type of Subject: Older Adult


Are you or someone you know over the age of 60?

The Neural Vitality Lab is searching for older adults to participate in a study of emotion regulation. These studies include the viewing of emotional images and making decisions about them, as well as completing tests of memory and thinking skills.

The study will either be 1 or 2 sessions and will include computer tests or an MRI. You may receive up to $75 for completion of this study!

More info at:

Study Number: 653
Phone Number: 413-200-8631
Room Number: Tobin 302
Type of Subject: Adolescent, Type of Subject: Adult
Time: up to 2.5 hours


The FAM Lab is currently recruiting parents and 
teenagers to come into our lab and participate together in a study 
examining parent-teenager relationships and the effect they have on 
behavior and emotions.

The study will take up to 2.5 hours and will involve parents and teenagers 
to engage in a couple of tasks as well as filling out surveys. During the 
visit, we will also collect saliva samples to measure hormonal activity and 
apply sensors to measure breathing and heart rates throughout the visit.

To be eligible for this study, participants should not have an autoimmune, 
neurological, heart arrhythmia and/or psychiatric disorder, or be currently 
pregnant. Participants should also not show any COVID-related symptoms and 
must be fully vaccinated.

Families can get paid up to $70 for their participation and may be eligible 
for an additional $5 travel reimbursement.

Participation is completely voluntary and information is confidential.

Study Number: 2082
Phone Number: (413) 545-4831
Room Number: remote
Type of Subject: Children


Help us learn if physical activity benefits learning and napping in preschool children!

WHO: We are recruiting preschool children (33 to 71 months) that frequently nap along with a caregiver (and have access to a computer/tablet with internet) for one of two in-home studies. No campus visits involved!

WHAT: Over a 16-day period, each study will include…
• Initial online assessment session: caregiver questionnaires, child cognitive & fitness assessment
• Two ‘testing’ days, each with: A morning activity or quiet play session (with caregiver assistance), two memory assessments (brief online meetings), and sleep measures during afternoon nap (Study 1 only)
• Movement and sleep tracking of child via a watch for 16 days
• Completion of a study diary by caregivers

• $65 plus 1 story book (Study 1) or $45 plus 6 story books (Study 2)

To learn more about the study or learn if your child is eligible, contact our research team at or (413) 545-4831 or visit

Study Number: 1686
Type of Subject: Adult


Have you ever felt unsafe in a romantic relationship?
Has a partner often acted jealous or said mean things to you?

If you are a woman age 18-25, live in MA, and answered yes to either of these questions, we may want to learn more about how these experiences may be affecting your well-being.

You can get paid $60 for participating in an interview with us. Participation is voluntary and information is confidential.

To learn more about how to participate, please contact us at: or by phone at 413-345-5346

Or if you prefer to have us contact you, scan the QR code below & share your contact info with us.


Study Number: 2009-0242, 0369, 0493
Phone Number: 413-545-4831
Type of Subject: Adult, Type of Subject: Older Adult


The UMass Amherst Somneuro Lab has established a new fully remote, contact free, project investigating memory consolidation during sleep! The lab is in need of young adults to participate, which can be done completely from home.

Several studies available with compensation!


we need YOU to sleep

Participate in remote sleep studies!

The Somneuro Lab at UMass Amherst is recruiting for a variety of at-home studies examining the relationship between sleep and memory in older adults.

All studies can be completed from the comfort of your own home, and we will provide all materials needed to complete the study!

All communication will take place over phone or email to maintain social distancing, and any materials or equipment needed will delivered to your home by one of our research staff.

Participants will be asked to complete a computer-based memory task and will then have their memory tested after sleeping or staying awake.

Compensation is available from $15-$200 in the form of an electronic gift card!

If interested, call (413) 545-4831 or email 

Somneuro Lab, UMass Amherst

participate in remote sleep studies


Study Number: 2360, 2401
Type of Subject: Adolescent


car drving

Researchers at the Learning Lab and the Human Performance Lab are studying teen drivers’ cognitive skills and their use of automated driving systems. They are seeking teen drivers who are ready to test for or have recently received their junior operator license. In the first visit, teen drivers will complete several computer tasks during a 45-minute session at the Learning Lab. In each of the next four visits, teens will complete a 60-minute driving session in the driving simulator at the Human Performance Lab. Participants should not be prone to motion sickness.

Teens can earn up to $150 for participation in all 5 sessions, and parents can earn up for $50. The full breakdown of compensation can be seen below:

Visit 1: $20 for teen, $10 for parent

Visit 2: $25 for teen, $10 for parent

Visit 3: $30 for teen, $10 for parent

Visit 4: $35 for teen, $10 for parent

Visit 5: $40 for teen, $10 for parent

Both lab locations are on the UMass Amherst campus. For more information, please contact Christina Hogan at or fill out our intake form

Study Number: 1701
Phone Number: (413) 345-0053
Type of Subject: Adult, Type of Subject: Middle-aged Adult


The goal of the Mapping Aspects of Psychotherapy in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (MAPDBT) research study is to compare how different parts of evidence-based group therapy may improve emotional functioning among people who struggle to manage their emotions and have self-destructive behaviors. Participants will receive 6 weeks of free group therapy. Although these group interventions are based on evidence-based care, they are experimental as we do not know how six weeks of each separate group will affect your symptoms. 

Participants would be required to attend 6 weeks of virtual group therapy (2 hours each session), come for 3 in-person visits (3 hours each session) to the Clinical Affective Science Lab (CASL) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (maintaining social distance and following safety guidelines), and complete sets of online surveys. Unfortunately, the in-person sessions cannot be done virtually. In addition, participants will be compensated a small amount for participation (up to $145 for the full study). 

Before people sign up for the study, we like to provide participants with more information on what participation involves. Additionally, we would also like to ask some questions about some psychological symptoms they may have experienced in order to ensure that they qualify for the study. This phone call should take about 30-40 minutes to complete and can be scheduled by emailing

We will be launching a final round of groups in the fall, and will be completing participant enrollment this summer. Please contact our lab now to complete the screening process and pre-group requirements, many of which can be completed virtually!

Visit the CASL website for more information: