Adults Over 45 Needed for Study on Speech Perception

IRB Approved Study Number: 



Bethany Dickerson


Phone Number: 

(909) 547-5221

Type of Subjects: 

Middle-aged Adult
Older Adult

Additional Subject Information: 

Because of the nature of the experiment, we also ask that you not drink excessively or use any psychoactive drugs (including marijuana) during the 24 hours before your appointments.


The study consists of 2 sessions. The first one takes 90 minutes; the second one takes 2 hrs.


In this study, we will test your ability to process speech by recording your brain waves (EEG) while you complete several tasks. For this part of the study, you sit comfortably in a chair listening to and/or watching a speaker talk, while you wear a cap on your head that will record your brain activity through electrodes wet with gel. Be prepared to leave the experiment with a bit of gel in your hair. You will also complete tasks testing your ability to perceive speech, without having your brain waves measured. You will respond by pressing a key on a computer or verbally. We will also collect demographic information from you and test your vision and hearing.


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