Parent-Teenager relationship study

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Evelyn Mercado


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Room Number: 

Tobin 302

Type of Subjects: 



up to 2.5 hours


The FAM Lab is currently recruiting parents and 
teenagers to come into our lab and participate together in a study 
examining parent-teenager relationships and the effect they have on 
behavior and emotions.

The study will take up to 2.5 hours and will involve parents and teenagers 
to engage in a couple of tasks as well as filling out surveys. During the 
visit, we will also collect saliva samples to measure hormonal activity and 
apply sensors to measure breathing and heart rates throughout the visit.

To be eligible for this study, participants should not have an autoimmune, 
neurological, heart arrhythmia and/or psychiatric disorder, or be currently 
pregnant. Participants should also not show any COVID-related symptoms and 
must be fully vaccinated.

Families can get paid up to $70 for their participation and may be eligible 
for an additional $5 travel reimbursement.

Participation is completely voluntary and information is confidential.



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