Faculty in the Psychological and Brain Sciences department operate many different research labs, including:

Affect and Social Cognition Lab

Our lab investigates the ways in which emotions influence ordinary, everyday information processing and judgment across a wide variety of important social psychological and real-world domains.
Principal Investigator: Linda Isbell
Tobin 643

Aging Cognition and Emotion Lab

Dr. Ready studies the interface between cognition and emotion in normal aging and in older adults suffering from neurodegenerative disease and mild cognitive impairment.
Principal Investigator: Rebecca Ready

Bergan Lab Website

Principal Investigator: Joseph Bergan

Clinical Affective Science Lab (CASL)

Research on the role of emotions and emotion regulation in adaptive or maladaptive functioning.
Principal Investigator: Katherine Dixon-Gordon
Tobin 303G

Cognition Across Development Lab

The Cognition Across Development Laboratory explores the the development and consequences of socio-cognitive processes in both human and nonhuman primates.
Principal Investigator: Tara Mandalaywala
Tobin 301F

Cognitive & Developmental Neuroscience Lab

In our lab we study human cognition and cognitive development using behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI and EEG) measures in children, adolescents, and adults.
Principal Investigator: Joonkoo Park
Tobin 305

Cognitive Experiments Models and Neuroscience Lab

Research in CEMNL focuses on human perception and memory from a broad-based perspective, using behavioral studies and neurophysiological measures in combination with neural and Bayesian models.
Principal Investigator: David Huber
Tobin 202

Computational Memory and Perception Lab

We are interested in the neural and cognitive mechanisms of visual perception and memory in the human brain, and the effects of brain damage and aging on these cognitive functions.
Principal Investigator: Rosie Cowell
Tobin 202

Developmental Milestones Lab

Everyone reaches milestones at a different pace. Our research lab is dedicated to understanding ways to promote optimal development for children with developmental delays and their families.
Principal Investigator: Ashley Woodman
Bartlett 7B

Dynamic Memory Modeling Lab

In the lab, we explore how people remember events and make simple decisions by analyzing the time course of these processes. We also test ways to help people rationally respond to new information.
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Starns

Early Academic Development Lab

Addressing inequities in opportunities for low-SES children. Technology and learning in preschoolers; early math skills; understanding and preventing academic and behavior problems.
Principal Investigator: David Arnold
Tobin 146

Early Behavior Development Lab

The Early Behavior Development lab focuses on understanding behavior problems such as ADHD in young children.
Principal Investigator: Lisa Harvey
Tobin 664A

Family Relationships, Affective Science, & Minority Health (FAM) Lab

Here at the FAM Lab, we're interested in gaining a better understanding of how family relationships can yield benefits for mental health among youth from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. We approach this question through a biopsychosocial lens, and examine biological (hormones), psychological (emotion regulation), and social (cultural values) factors that might explain the impact social relationships have on mental health.
Principal Investigator: Evelyn Mercado
Tobin 303B

Healey Lab

Research in the Healey lab is focused on the neural basis of natural behavior.
Principal Investigator: Luke Remage-Healey

Hormones & Cognition Lab

Sex hormones and cognition across the lifespan.
Principal Investigator: Agnès Lacreuse

Human Relations Lab

Focuses on how people behave in response to societal threats, particularly climate change.
Principal Investigator: Brian Lickel
Tobin 421

Implicit Social Cognition Lab

Individual Differences in Development Lab

We study the development of individual differences in behavioral, social-emotional and cognitive outcomes, with emphasis on parenting, home and school environments and how these interact with biological factors.
Principal Investigator: Kirby Deater-Deckard
Tobin 306

Infant Cognition Lab

Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Lab

Our research examines relations between groups to consider how legacies of inequality and conflict shape group members’ views of each other and the society in which they live, as well as their motivations for social change. We also seek to identify and test strategies that can foster improved relations between groups while also achieving ever-greater levels of social equality and justice.
Principal Investigator: Linda Tropp

Karatsoreos Lab Website

Language, Intersensory Perception, & Speech (LIPS) Lab

Auditory and audiovisual speech perception.
Principal Investigator: Alexandra Jesse
Tobin 649

Learning Lab

Our research explores cognitive and emotional processes that support the development of self-regulation skills throughout childhood.
Principal Investigator: Jennifer M. McDermott
Tobin 205 or 647

Memory Lab

Computational modeling of human memory and reasoning.
Principal Investigator: Caren Rotello
Tobin 203G

Moorman Lab

Cellular and network mechanisms of motivation, learning, and executive functions. Neural function in animal models of addiction, ADHD, obesity, and depression. Neurotechnology and neural computation.
Principal Investigator: David Moorman

Neuro Learning & Performance Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Youngbin Kwak

Neurocognition and Perception Laboratory

Neurocognitive research on basic auditory perception, speech perception, and selective attention with the goal of helping listeners (including children and older adults) understand speech in noise.
Principal Investigator: Lisa Sanders
Tobin 655

Psychotherapy Research Lab

Understanding patient, therapist, and relational processes that influence psychosocial treatments for adults; developing, testing, and disseminating efficacious psychotherapeutic interventions
Principal Investigator: Michael Constantino
Tobin 143, 145


Reasoning, decision-making, and computational modeling laboratory.
Principal Investigator: Andrew Cohen
Tobin 508

Richardson Lab

The Richardson Laboratory studies the neurobiology of stress and addiction. For more information about our research and available positions, see our website:
Principal Investigator: Heather Richardson

Self-Regulation, Emotions, & Early Development (SEED) Lab

Principal Investigator: Adam Grabell
Tobin 664F

Social Processes and Health Lab

Principal Investigator: Allecia Reid
Tobin 651


Brain functions underlying sleep's benefit on cognition and how this changes across the lifespan
Principal Investigator: Rebecca Spencer
Life Science Labs S360

The War and Peace Lab

We conduct research on processes of social identification, morality and justice, primarily in the context of (conflict and violence between) large social categories such as nations and ethnic groups.
Principal Investigator: Bernhard Leidner
Tobin 652

UMass Eyetracking Lab

Principal Investigator: Adrian Staub
Tobin 206

Violence & Trauma Across the Lifespan (ViTAL) Lab

Principal Investigator: Maria M. Galano
Tobin 303L

Visual Cognition and Attention Lab

Attention and high level visual functions such as object recognition.
Principal Investigator: Kyle Cave
Tobin 201E

Work and Family Transitions Project

Principal Investigator: Maureen Perry-Jenkins
Tobin 604