Research Assistant | Framingham Heart Study/ Neuropsychology | Boston University

Date Posted: 

March 24, 2017


Since our beginning in 1948, the Framingham Heart Study, under the direction of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), formerly known as the National Heart Institute, has been committed to identifying the common factors or characteristics that contribute to cardiovascular disease (CVD). We have followed CVD development over a long period of time in three generations of participants.

Over the years, careful monitoring of the Framingham Study population has led to the identification of major CVD risk factors, as well as valuable information on the effects of these factors such as blood pressure, blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, age, gender, and psychosocial issues. Risk factors for other physiological conditions such as dementia have been and continue to be investigated. In addition, the relationships between physical traits and genetic patterns are being studied.

The current positon is with the Neuropsychology group at the Framingham Heart Study.  Our goals are to identify and research factors associated with aging of the brain.  Much of our work is centered on the different forms of dementia that develop throughout the lifespan.  We routinely give neuropsychological tests to our participants to determine behavioral biomarkers associated with cognitive decline.

The research assistant will be responsible for administering neuropsychological tests, reviewing charts and writing up summary reports that will be used for determining diagnoses, and be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of specific projects - both related to data collection operations and specific research projects.  This includes working closely with the PI to keep the data collection and research project operations running smoothly and identify areas for better efficiency and/or effectiveness.  The management of the project needs to be in concert with the research objectives and kept abreast with the defined timeline and in adherence with all Framingham and BU’s policies and procedures. Additional responsibilities will include assistance with various other research projects, particularly related to the implementation, execution and analysis of novel digital health and cognitive metrics. Travel throughout New England and other states is required.  Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in psychology or related field, some experience in research, a willingness to work non-traditional hours and a car.   This position is ideal for those who plan to apply to graduate or medical school. Only those available for on-site interviews will be considered.  Benefits include those offered to all full-time Boston University employees (see for details.)

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