Research Assistantships

Below are the research assistantships available in our department.
Feel free to email the contact individual for that lab.
Please check back as new opportunities are listed on a continuing basis.
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Contact: Grace Cho, Graduate Student ,

Research Assistants will assist with data collection and management on a project focusing on social comparison and distress.

Students with interests in self-destructive behavior and social justice are encouraged to apply.

Sponsoring Faculty Member: Becky Ready

Pre-requisites: strong organizational and verbal communication skills
Times you must be available: TBD
Hours per week: 9 hours/week
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Professor Jen McDermott ,

Students work closely with the faculty advisor and graduate students as members of a team of researchers studying cognitive capabilities and socio-emotional development of children and young adults. Activities typically include:
• Participating in lab training and regular meetings.
• Searching research literature and reading articles relevant to the research program.
• Designing and constructing experimental stimuli
• Preparing experimental documentation (such as questionnaires and consent forms).
• Recruiting participants and running child and/or adult testing sessions
• Coding videos of behaviors and emotions
• Entering and coding behavioral and questionnaire data.
• Processing psychophysiological data (EEG/ERP)
• Analyzing data using SPSS statistical software.

Please fill out the Learning Lab RA Interest Form:

Times you must be available: Scheduling to be determined in consultation with lab supervisors
Hours per week: 6-9 hours/week
Credits: 2-3 credits
Contact: Professor Agnes Lacreuse ,

Looking for someone with MATLAB expertise to refine and develop cognitive tasks.

Pre-requisites: MATLAB expertise and experience with task design required
Times you must be available: flexible, summer position
Hours per week: 10-15 hours per week
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Alexander Kellogg,

We study how features of the social environment affect health-related behaviors and outcomes. We examine a range of social processes, including mimicry and peer social networks.

RAs are sometimes able to contribute to our work on structural stigma. We also examine a range of health behaviors, including alcohol consumption and unhealthy eating behaviors. Research Assistants will help with a variety of tasks, such as:

  •  Literature review
  •  Study design and interpretation
  •  Survey construction
  •  Data collection
  •  Data entry and analysis

We are especially interested in recruiting students who:

  • are at least rising sophomores
  • have basic knowledge of research methodology and statistics
  • would be interested in conducting independent research or an honors thesis in the future

To apply, please contact graduate student, Alexander Kellogg, for an application:

Lab Director: Dr. Allecia Reid
Note: Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

Times you must be available: TBD
Hours per week: Typically 9 hours/week
Credits: Typically 3 credits
Contact: Professor Kyle Cave,

Help us to create computer programs to control experiments in visual cognition and attention.

Pre-requisites: Programming experience, preferably with JavaScript, R, Matlab, or Octave.
Times you must be available: scheduling is flexible
Hours per week: Typically 9 hours/week
Credits: Typically 3 credits
Contact: Professor Kyle Cave ,

You will help in testing participants in experiments of visual perception and cognition. The experiments may be conducted in the lab or online. You will also attend our regular lab meetings, and contribute to discussions as we design new experiments and interpret the results of complete experiments.

Pre-requisites: Reliability, careful attention to detail, and  an interest in learning more about the cognitive mechanisms underlying  vision and attention.
Times you must be available: scheduling is  flexible
Hours per week: typically 9 hours per week
Credits: typically 3 credits
Contact: Professor Evelyn Mercado,

The FAM Lab examines how exposure to stress impacts close relationship dynamics (i.e., parent-adolescent, couples), mental health, and overall well-being through a biopsychosocial lens. Currently, the lab is focused on exploring family relationships as protective factors for mental health among Latinx youth. Undergraduate Research Assistants are being recruited to work on several projects examining the effects of stress on health, families, and academic outcomes. In addition, we are looking for students who are interested in doing a work study with the lab this summer 2022.

(Minimum) RA Requirements: Will assist in participant recruitment, data collection of both biological markers and survey measures, conduct literature reviews on relevant lab topics, create surveys, code video data, and attend weekly lab meetings.

If you are interested in applying to work in our lab, fill out this application:

Prerequisites: Potential RAs should have experience and/or a strong interest in working with ethnically and racially diverse community populations and an interest in increasing their knowledge on the collection of biological markers and psychological assessments. In addition, ideal candidates will have the ability to commit to at least two semesters and/or be bilingual in conversational Spanish.

Times you must be available: RAs should be available to attend lab meetings; time will be decided based on lab members availability. Flexibility in schedules is needed for this lab.
Hours per week: 6 – 9 hours/ week (including lab meetings)
Credits: 2 - 3 credits